Be notified of a speed trap ahead,

before it's too late.

Model Electronics is the Tri-State Area's Premiere K40 Authorized Dealer!

Speeding tickets can result in countless inconveniences including increased insurance rates, court appearances, and the revocation of your drivers license. Model Electronics carries the most advanced radar and laser detection systems on the market from K40.

Reasons to visit Model Electronics for your next radar detector:

• Stealth Installation

Law enforcement officials generally frown on radar detectors.  Certain radar detectors are completely stealthy and look like any other car audio device.  You no longer need to mount them on your dash, and they come in different shapes and sizes that don't look like traditional radar detectors.  Model Electronics can perform these stealth installs at our professional, state-of-the-art shop.


• GPS Technology

GPS technology has become more and more common. Now, it has even been built into radar detectors. WE carry the best radar detectors, which include stored databases of things like red-light cameras and common speed traps, and will alert you as you approach these areas.


• Reduce or Eliminate Speeding Tickets

The greatest aspect of radar detectors is that they can drastically reduce the number of speeding tickets you receive. Many radar detector companies, such as K-40, offer a guarantee to pay all the tickets you receive while using their device.  Visit Model Electronics, a K40 Authorized Dealer, for your new radar detector today!


See how the K-40 Radar & Laser detector picks up police radar in this video!




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