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Model Electronics makes it easy for you to find a wheel and tire package for your ride!


At Model Electronics we carry a wide selection of wheels. Before you start shopping for a new set of wheels, consider the advantages and disadvantages of different wheel materials in order to find the best wheel to suit your needs. The right set of wheels depends on vehicle characteristics and desired ride quality. When choosing wheels for your car, truck, or SUV, consider the following:

Size: Various wheel sizes and weights hold different performance characteristics. If you plan on upgrading your current wheel size, be sure to consider the maximum wheel size allowance on your vehicle.

Weight: Wheel weight impacts vehicle performance. Heavier wheels increase braking distance and reduce handling, while lighter wheels will improve maneuverability and braking performance.

Terrain: Where do you drive most often? Wheels should be selected based on their primary function.

Every customer’s criteria for buying wheels is different, so we urge you to contact us with your questions or concerns. Our staff is comprised of qualified wheel and rim technicians. Our sales staff remain on the cutting edge of wheel style, configuration, and performance. If you have any questions during your research, simply contact us!

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Select your vehicle year, make, and model to see what wheels fit your car!  Customize color, wheel size, and more, then contact us for a quote!

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Model Electronics provides a wide array of new tires to our customers in Ramsey, NJ and surrounding areas. Stop in to learn more about tire type, tire width, aspect ratio, construction, wheel diameter, load index and speed rating. Find out how these basic tire traits can help you choose the right tire for your vehicle!